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YES WAY publication

Image of YES WAY publication

£2.00 - On Sale

Featuring work from over 30 Artists and Bands this publication stands not only as an important record of the YES WAY event held at Auto Italia that happened in August 2010, but as a rich document that represents the best new London artists working today.

This publication features work from Christopher Tipton and Claire Titley/Manuela Gernedel and Morag Keil/Kristiana O'Donnell/Mark Barker/Danielle Dean/Lucky PDF/Darren Banks/New Display Strategies/Ruth Edwards/Katie Horwich/Breer Lazidj Nahr/Julia Crabtree and William Evans/Mark Dicker/Katie Guggenheim/Way Through/Pheromoans/Eddie Peake and Paul Simon Richards/Rachel Pimm/Human Hair and Lovvers/Family/Kate Cooper/Colin Clements and Richard Manber/Savoury Days/Rachal Bradley/Andrew Lenton/Rachael Finney/David Bailey/Gentle Friendly/Rosie Cooper/Stuart Cartland/Amanda Dennis/La La Vasquez

For more information on the event which accompanied the publication please visit: